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Thread: I wish she could be...

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    Here- Lord i wsh she only could-
    Instead she's laying.... She's laying in a puddle of blood-
    She was my baby... I thought she'd be my wife-
    I killed my baby... I killed her with my knife-
    Lonely weekends... Baby Lonely nights... The judege he gave me 99 to life... :crossx:

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    Maan. Now you have fallen victim to this too???

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    you think i could make american idol LOL i had to just once.... lol

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    Do F150's Float?
    It's in the lyrics...jeeeeez
    Social D, 99 to life

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    Do F150's Float?
    I have too many songs running through my head now They are all begining to sound the same.
    I know what you i have the radio on
    How about this one?
    Well, here I come
    I'm on a run
    Who wants to fight temptation, that's no fun
    C'mon and play the games
    Don't you feel no shame
    That's what Eve said to Adam
    Before she came
    You can smile now, cry later on
    You know that it might be wrong, but it feels so good
    Like you know it would
    There's damnation and disgrace
    And guilt rears its ugly face, yet you beg for more
    Just a little more

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    WOW, I haven't been around in a long time....
    Let me guess, is that Social D..... Pleasure Seeker
    HHmmmm or something like that. Its from their White Album haha.

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