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    I got this aluminum manifold on my motor, it has a spyder web design on the front runner. Looks to me like a trantula..The motor is a 1990 454 mag. I need a suggestion for a manifold.. It has Eddie Marine manifolds, 750 holly dual feed, What is the best manifold to run on this. The motor is all done at 4800-5000

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    Edelbrock RPM Performer works well on my 454 mag. A dual plane will work good in your rpm specs. The Team G is probably the best for a single plane (but for higher rpms)

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    When I first bought my boat it had 454mag with a 1050 holley team g intake gil manifolds and fair cam the boat ran good the dyno that came with the boat 497.5 5600 hp trq 512.9 4600rpm. I know the intake carb and cam were to big but the boat ran like a stock 502. The 502 was faster out of the hole but top speed was the same if the 454 was a new as the 502 it might of changed the out come of the race. 1990 27ft baja vs 1999 272 boss. With 750 holley I would go with the rpm performer.

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    Thanks for the response..I was told this motor was never taken down but now I think different. Do you know what kind of intake manifold mercruiser put on this motor combo stock from factory. I called formula and could not get a answer. Also called Mercruiser and hit the brick wall. I was told if the manifold was stock, there would be brass inserted in the water jackets.

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    Im not sure about merc. If its a carb motor that is the base 300hp, then it probably came with a stock cast iron intake. It its the mag motor, it probably came with an aluminum intake.
    My marine power 454 mag came stock with an Edelbrock RPM performer.

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