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Thread: Jacuzzi Help

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    I need to rebuild my YJ pump. I've been told to install the Energizer kit which seems to make sense. Is there any better deal out there than Hi-Tech Performance's. $1695.00 built. Running a stock 455 OLDS right now. What impeller should I run. Should I bother with a droop or diverter now or later?
    21' Sleekcraft Aristocrat
    the never ending project!!!!!

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    When I was researching for items to improve my Jacuzzi 12WJ, the Energizer kit only provided a 10% increase in performance in my unit.
    For that kind of money, I would replace the Jacuzzi or rebuilt the one you have with parts available at:
    Good Luck,

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    But on the YJ they claim a 20% improvement. Not sure if that's worth it either, but.....
    Then again, maybe a YJ is just the pump for a bigger boat like that.

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    I installed the American Turbine energizer kit on my YJ and lost two miles per hour. I did gain a rooster tail. It seems like the gas tanks empty out a lot faster too. It all depends what your goals are.

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    Ralph Brunt
    i'm in the same situation as you duanes 1700 pump or rebuild for 800 or just take the plunge and someone install a berk damn i just dont know ralph

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    Squirtin Thunder
    PMs sent !!!
    Thank you

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    Hey Squirtin thanks for the PM. I'll keep it in mind.
    Still shopping ideas around though.
    I've been thinking about this way too long. Biggest problem is when I got the boat we pulled the pump apart and a guy at work decided to remove the impeller - just to see. He damaged the shaft heating it to remove. I had it straightened and had the threads repaired. Not sure if I trust it. I'm leaning towards the HTP package, already built just send my bowl and suction housing. Installed for the same price as buying a kit.
    Anyone got an old YJ w/Energizer layin around they wanna get rid of?

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    What's involved in switching to a different style pump?
    Is there anything available where I wouldn't have to redo the transom and intake or am I limited to the Energizer option?
    Just a thought.

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    Isn't this boat a big heavy cruiser? I've got a 21 foot Sleek Jr Exec. out in the yard, and it's a tank. It seems to me I've heard good things about the axial flow pumps on bigger boats. You may spend all that money on a mixed flow upgrade and not like the performance gains you get. On the other hand, Jacuzzi parts are all over Ebay and can be had pretty reasonably. I was just on there a few minutes ago and someone had some YJ parts on there for like $300. I think the shaft, bowl, steering housing and a beat up impeller was in the list. My 2 cents.

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    I went to that site. Good stuff. But there's a dead link titled: why not to convert your YJ on
    Curious to see what's there other than we bought them out so buy our stuff.
    Starting to lean towards rebuilding it the way it is. The biggest problem will be trying to locate all the old parts to see what else I'll need. Hope the shaft is still good.
    I may be in the market for a used impeller.
    Thanks again.

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