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Thread: interior help

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    I am going to redo the upholstery on my boat in a few weeks. I cant decide between the new smooth look or the old tuck & roll. Anyone have any pictures of theirs or suggestions.....Thanks lfls

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    I like the smooth , it's easier to clean - your vinyl will have no stiching holes for the water to seep in and rot the thread - I however did put stitched flames on my seat as too plain is not very attractive - I originaly tried to glue the flames in but we did not have a pot gun at the time so it lifted and we re did them with stitching --
    if you want to see my pics go to readers ride Blown budget
    ohh and don't look at any of the biki pic on that site -- they are just sooooo HOT

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    Use marine grade products.
    The foam that I used for this project was purchased in Florida. It is a quick drain mildew resistant product from:
    My project was to restore the boats interior to its original state that included the accordion pocket on the engine dog house.

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    still workin on gettin in the boat.
    originally the boat had buckets in the front and benches along the sides.
    Because of a day cruiser project (that's next) I will live with a two seater.
    Absolutley go with the marine grade vinyl .
    I used birch plywood from home depot and used a real heavy coat of resin.
    As for the stitching , it will more than likely be hot enough dry soon after I
    get it wet. my.02

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    personally i like the smooth.. I think hbjet has one of the nicest boat interiors i've seen.

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    If its original gel coat keep it stock looking, if its allready been painted or modernized do whatever.

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    If its original gel coat keep it stock looking, if its allready been painted or modernized do whatever.
    you definatetly dont want the upholstery lookin out of place.
    I'm sure after some lookin around you'll find somthing you like
    and you'll be real happy.

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    i prefer the old school stuff and would go with stitching. the smooth stuff IMHO looks like it belongs in an offshore boat (40') but thats just me. as for the materials used, make sure you tell them its for a boat and they will use both marine vinyl and thread. yes there is a marine thread. it is mildew and uv protected. and of course if your getting new foam, that too needs to be marine grade. now you will realize why its expensive to do boat seats. marine grade or not, you should allways (get in the habit) pull all your cushons up and prop them up to dry out.

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    when i redid my seats in the biesemeyer i did the old plywood rebuild and all that stuff.....lots of work when i put new seats in the barron i went simple with fiberglass seats upolistered kinda plain like

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    heres a look at mine, hope it helpshttp://www.*** http://www.***

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