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Thread: Camshaft Advice

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    I am building a 383 SB Chevy engine for a 21' Scarab with a Bravo outdrive. It will be NA, approx 9:1 compression ratio. I have not purchaced the heads yet so feel free to chime in on that one as well. I have a Revoluition Marine exhaust system and it is a thru hull.
    My engine builder has a roller cam setup at bargain price. Here are the specs.
    Intake & Exhaust
    Lobe Center Sep 110.4 Cam Deg
    Valve Overlap 3.8 Crank Deg
    Valve Opening -1.9 Deg BTDC
    Lobe Center 105.4 ATDC
    Valve Closure 32 ABDC
    Duration 210.1 Crank Deg
    Max Cam Lift .31429
    Net Valve Lift .4714
    Lobe Area 23.27 In * Deg
    Valve Opening 44.8 BBDC
    Lobe Center 115.4 BTDC
    Valve Closure -1.9 ATDC
    Duration 222.9 Crank Deg
    Net Cam Lift .33799
    Net Valve Lift .50699
    Lobe Area 26.45 In * Deg
    Will this one work without reversion. If so would I want the heads with larger valves?
    TIA Ned

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    the comp cams 278xm is a pritty sweet cam

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