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Thread: Ms. Sheehan's seat

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    JB in so cal
    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Cindy Sheehan said she will be part of the live audience during the president's State of the Union speech to congress Tuesday.
    Bay Area Congresswoman Lynn Woosley gave anti-war activist a gallery pass late Tuesday, just hours before the planned State of the Union speech. Sheehan was in Washington to protest the president during his national address, but then came word she was invited to see the speech live.
    A spokesman for Sheehan says she decided to accept the invitation two hours prior to the speech. The spokesman also said that Sheehan will be respectful and listen to the address because she is a guest of a member of congress.
    Sheehan is expected to fly back to Berkeley Wednesday. She announced over the weekend that she is considering running for Senate against Sen. Dianne Feinstein.
    Berkeley, huh? Go figure.

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    Steve 1
    Worlds worst American Mother!

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    angry dad
    That liberal COW is a disgrace!!! Eff her!!!

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    JB in so cal
    ...was arrested for refusing to cover her anti-war t shirt in the gallery...

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    ...was arrested for refusing to cover her anti-war t shirt in the gallery...
    That'd be sooooo good it it were true.
    She IS thinking about running against Feinstein in California this next election.

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    It is true, kinda. She was detained not arrested...Dumb bitch.

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    Forkin' Crazy
    Worlds worst American Mother!
    You have to use the word "mother" loosely. She's about as much a mother to her son as the crack heads on the south side.
    Didn't she meet with Chavez (sp?) not too long ago?

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    Steve 1
    Yeah right here ! Crap kissing Crap.

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    Yeah right here ! Crap kissing Crap.
    Does that look like tongue was exchanged????? :yuk: Careful what you wish for here in California. Which would you rather have representing you Diane or Cindy?? :cry:

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    She is such a DISGRACE. Her family must be so ashamed of her.

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