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Thread: Book Recommendations?

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    Any one recommend books on motor rebuilding, basics of it etc? Also on Carburetors (Holley)?
    Id love to learn how to adjust my carb. (Boat runs a BIT rich.. backfires if i give it to much gas when starting (once))

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    12 bucks. Cant go wrong w/ that! I went ahead and ordered it. Thanks

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    sanger rat
    You will enjoy it. Pay attention to all the little tech tips? If you don't understand a Holley after reading this book you never will.

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    Bradf, engines don't backfire from being rich, they backfire from being lean. Sounds like it was cold starting without a choke. But, that backfire probably blew out the power valve, so now its rich all the time. Get your Holley book, read it cover to cover,(not just the parts you understand), and read it again if necessary. There is plenty of help here for you, just learn the basics and ask questions...........MP

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    MP is so wise! Will do. It was running turn key all day. Then i went to go start it up to head up river, pumped the pedal maybe a little to much (thought i flooded it) and it backfired... it only happend once. Ill read through the book though. Cant wait until the day I can actually answer a question instead of ask them all! :P

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