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Thread: Catalina Pictures

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    Looks like it was, thanks for sharing the pics.

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    Awesome pics, welcome to ***boat...your not going to leave because the drama right...??? :crossx:

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    Phat Matt
    Wow. A newbie who can post pics!

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    Great pics. congrats on the new boat and welcome aboard.

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    Mrs. 4-B
    Great pic's! Thanks for sharing and welcome!

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    Nice boat, get a cover for the open bow so if you stuff it when you are in the big water you dont sink her. And wtf kind of fish is that.

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    VERY NICE boat and pics of the harbour...welcome.

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    We will definitely be getting a bow and cockpit cover soon. I love the boat, even if the graphics are Nordic simple... I like to think of them as clean. We added a gps and vhf before we made the trip... the gps actually has a fishfinder on it too. We fish a little just for the fun of it, but we release what we catch to keep things clean. The gps antenna had to be mounted in a position wehre it can be seen. I have grown used to it even though it is't ideal. I have no idea what that fish was... crazy looking. Here are a few more from my first night with the boat and the Catalina trip...
    At the storage lot
    Huntington Harbor xmas lights cruising with the wife
    Long way from Long Beach
    Good food (and beer)
    Heading home

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    very nice! ya make me want to bring the boat back and play in the salt!

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