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Thread: '89 GMC Suburban 4 Sale...!

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    89 gmc sub, 145k miles only, 95 goodwrench 350, 700r4 trans, interior is super clean, parents bought it brand new meaning one owner. black, original paint some dents/chips but shiney as hell, american racing 90's blade wheels w/ kelly safari's. all windows work, new window/motor in tailgate a/c works great but needs to be filled. heater core is in perfect condition, new rear end out of a 78 pickup fully rebuilt w/ new seals/bearings/clips/gears(stock ratio) are some pics. dont wanna sell it but parents are making me :cry:
    if you have any questions, pm me or give me a ring at 562331-7116

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    bumpidy bump bump.....really need to sell it guys...would make a great boat launcher for the river trailer...just like rex's.

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