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Thread: A few V'drive pics for SGettman from the show

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    flat broke
    I would have loved to have gotten more detailed pics of the hyd steering and some other things, but my batteries were about done, and I wasn't about to lean over the side or be an ass and step up on the trailer to get some better angles. Either way, this thing is absolutely wicked. I had to laugh when a guy standing next to me was telling his kid all about how that boat might be able to go 80 or so with a skier behind it This boat wasn't at the Schiada display, but rather in the concourse area with some other old glass. Schiada brought a 24 open bow and the two big boats. It looked to me like there was room on the floor to squeeze in another 21, but then again, I'd pay for a ticket just to hang out drink beer and oggle at stuff like this.

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    flat broke

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    Pin stripping the Engine Compartment. Wow.

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    Billy B check out the diamond plate on that Rayson Craft trailer. Looks bitchen!

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    Don't worry, I got about 65 pics of that boat. I didn't stand on the trailer, either...

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    Chris - you ROCK!! That must be Ron's boat. Check out the hydraulic controlls to the cavitation plates. Was there an over ride pedal, or just contols on the steering wheel? I'll need to look at those photos again. With the hydraulic steering on the external rudder, that's pretty cool as well. All cool stuff. Anyone know how that stuff holds up? That's one thing I like about mechanical - it works. If I could change all my gauges over to mechancal and run off a Magnito, I would do that as well, but it's set up with an MSD currently.
    Thanks again Chris for thinking of me. The Spokane boat show was nothing like this. If Lee had some 21' on display, it would be worth a flite down.

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    The cav plate trim switch appeared to be on the inside carling - nothing on the wheel. No down pedal either, just a real nice foot brace.
    I reached in real far and got some shots behind the dash, too...

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