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Thread: Russian Inventor Patents Invisibility Cloak!!!

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    NOTALENT even checked nothing yet..Pretty cool.

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    I am sure it is a matter of time before it hits snopes.

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    I am sure it is a matter of time before it hits snopes.
    haha...hey it was it's been slow on here today. :crossx:

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    It could be cool if it was real.

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    Or, just get yourself a proxima and project the light on you for a quick picture...

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    The idea has been around. A couple of engineers from University of pennsylvania came up with it. see for more info.
    There is a cloaking device already here... google "cloaking" or "invisible shield" and it will likely come up.
    I found the article on a couple of months ago. not invisible, but cool technology.

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    Not invosible? There goes the exibitionist's fantasy

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    I copied a PDF of the original article if you're interested. Invisible shield (
    Enjoy Tom!

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    spectras only
    Cloaking must exist ! Did you guys see "Predator" with Ahhrnold :rollside:

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    H20 Toie
    Of course its real the klingons have been using it for years,

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