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Thread: WWE's "Tribute to the Troops"..on right now!

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    Kudos to Vinnie McMahon and USA for broadcasting the whole show this year from Afghanistan. Vince just started the show off right by blasting the media for not telling the story of the troops. He suggested Santa give the media a big ol' bag of Reindeer poop!!!!!It's on USA right now!!!

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    the perfect peach
    and lillian garcia always sings a very emotional "star spangled banner", gives you chills just listening to the feeling she puts into it...
    it's nice to see someone bringing a bit of home to the troops who are overseas fighting for our freedom...props to vince for thinking of them...

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    Their "Santa" episode this year was good, but not as good as a couple years ago when Vince got his jollies by knocking over Santa. Unfortunately, when Santa fell over his beard fell off and revealed none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin. Needless to say, Vinnie Mac received a "Stone Cold Santa Stunner" to thunderous applause!!!
    BTW, does anyone else think Rita Cosby is hot? What is it with Fox and beautiful women? I know Rita is on MSNBC now but she started on Fox. I'd love to have a 3 way with her and Laurie Dhue anytime.

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    Damn I wish they would come down to the compound I'm at. But it's just to dangerous. We could really use some entertainment out here. Sure would make us forget about all the mortar rounds we get on a daily basis.

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