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Thread: Turbo Piston Rings

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    Tunnel 23
    Which brand rings for a bbc turbo motor??? 4.280

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    Hell Fires. . .

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    I've had real good luck Total Seals in my blower motor.
    I imagine they'd perform equally as well in a turbo deal.

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    ARS Marine
    Hell Fires. . .
    I second that!

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    I put total seal-hellfire rings in my blown alky motor in an effort to try to minimize oil comtamination. They were real expesive and not a regular part number from total seal, if you call them they will help you out. They seem to work fine.
    On a side note, Rex Huthcison, who is the blown motor guru in my town, told me that total seal rings are a big no-no in a blown motor, and that its probably costing me some power due to ring flutter at higher RPM's. :cry:
    I wish I has the time and dollars to dyno it both ways!

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    Total seal

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    Another vote for Hell Fire, they are made for nitrous or turbo applications.

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    How much HP and/or boost?? Up to 12-15 psi , conventional T/S will do fine. If it's a race engine with lots of boost,run the HF. Since the HF do not cost that much more than the reg. TS, and when considering the total cost of the engine vs. the ring pak % of that cost, the HF rings make good $cents$. As far as flutter--no. Ring flutter is a function of ring weight vs rpm. A positively gas loaded ring such as a TS or Dykes or gas ports in the piston will exhibit LESS flutter than std rings. Also ring flutter will manifest itself as a sudden surge of blowby and/or exhaust smoke at the critical (high) rpm.

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    Nucking futs
    hellfire and be done !

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    Which brand rings for a bbc turbo motor??? 4.280
    Has anyone used the HNS rings JE sells?.........Steve

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