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Thread: Cutting open the bow

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    Hey Gang
    I have a 20.6 foot Kachina mini day cruiser that I want to make an open bow. Anyone have any ideas or experience with this kind of job?

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    Check over in the Cats and Tunnel section. Friend of AA and TA (Mike) is cutting his big Daytona into an open bow. There is a thread up on it named Should I cut it or not.

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    Wow!!!!! I Was Thinking How Lame Cutting Out The Bow , But Wow Great Job!!!

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    What bow!!!!! :boxed: :rollside:

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    theres a boat in the pic?

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    Cole Sanger
    I would bow down to that.

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    Do you get much flexing of the hull?

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    That's just like I want mine to be, do you have any "in depth photos" you could email me? Do I get one of those brown thingies to go with my boat?

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    No unusual flex. By the time you support / block in the walk through area, glass in the floor and add gussets around the edge you should be good to go. Weight is about the same by the time you add the interior.

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