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Thread: I need help with a Spanish translation...

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    My wife needs this translated for the spanish speaking parents at my kids' school. Can anyone help me out with it? Please don't fill it up with pinche's and puto's....I know those words...
    Attention 5th Grade Parents!
    Baby Photos Needed!
    For: Baby Board and Yearbook!
    Deadline: Friday, February 17, 2006
    Send in a baby photo of your son or daughter preferably sized 4"x 6" or 3"x 5".
    Include your child's name, teacher and room number of the back of your photo.
    Put the photo in an envelope and have your child return it to their teacher.

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    doesnt microsoft word do this??

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    Try this link:

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    Please don't fill it up with pinche's and puto's....I know those words...
    Well that just took all my fun away. Vato.

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    ¡5tos Padres Del Grado De la Atención!
    ¡Las Fotos Del Bebé Necesitaron!
    Para: ¡Tablero y anuario del bebé!
    Plazo: Viernes, De febrero el 17 de 2006
    Env*e en una foto del bebé de su hijo o hija 4"x preferiblemente clasificado el 6" o 3"x el 5".
    Incluya el nombre de su niño, el profesor y el número de habitación de la parte posteriora de su foto.
    Ponga la foto en un sobre y tenga su vuelta del niño él a su profesor.
    i did this in MS word

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    hey mama yo quiero un cerveza por favor.
    tienes tetas mas grande!

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    hey mama yo quiero un cerveza por favor.
    tienes tetas mas grande!
    I know many of the 5th grade Moms do have big tits...
    The problem with the auto translators is that they aren't always right...
    They screw up on context. Like the word spring, for instance. Is it the water source, a garage door spring or the season of the year? The translators don't always get it right.

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    RJ Nordic
    :jawdrop: I am a Principal at an elementary school in OC whose population is 85% Hispanic and we have over 25 instructional assistants that can translate, and one great office assistant who does most of my written translations and some oral ones for those parents that come in and want to express their "concerns."
    You don't have access to this type of assistance at your site? Administration and site council need to review how they are spending all that fed $$$$

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    The school does but its the PTA that needs it done. The local moms all do the PTA fundraising work, but the spanish language speakers are too busy getting free lunches to help out I guess.

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