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Thread: Filtermag?

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    I recently read an article in HB about this product, looked it up on the web and it looks interesting. Anyone have an opinion?

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    My opinion on this is there might be small very small benefit to using it but a few hundred dollars for a magnet seems out of line.
    The other thing is that magnets and oil filters have been around for long time. I would think someone would have come up with this concept before if it was that effective

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    After reading the article I was thinking that it was a good idea. Hell it can’t hurt but now that I have seen that they are $90.00 I think I will just live without it! If it was $20 $30 or even $40 I would get one but $90

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    I've bought a round rare earth magnet that sticks to the bottom of my oil filter very well.....
    total investment.... $3.00....
    Got an old blown Stereo Speaker ???? there's your magnet... FREE.....

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    Good call. I figure Merc would have them as factory issue if R&D thaught they were necessary
    Thanks Steve

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    I have heard of engine builders putting a magnet inside the pan and I can see how that would work, but I would think that putting one on your filter, where the oil inside is always under pressure wouldn't do much. It seems the pressure would wash the particles off.
    Just my $0.02!

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    I run magnets on a number of applications....Hyd. systems,and a number of engines... When i cut the filters open there is always very fine particals stuck to the can...
    Is it doing any good??? I think any steel that is caught by the magnet isn't floating around tearing up your bearings....would the filter catch the steel anyways???? Who knows.....The magnet is said to catch particals down to 1 micron....most filters go down to 10 microns....
    I'll keep running them just for piece of mind... The units i bought were only about $20cad.....Or just buy some rare earth magnets and stick them to the filter can..(be very careful with them) They are very powerfull...Get some skin pinched between the magnet and steel and you'll be a unhappy camper....

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    Dennis Moore
    Most of the metal that needs to be filtered out of the oil is from the bearings wearing out. The bearing material is a non magnetic material (some form of aluminum, brass or copper).
    The steel particles can be removed with the magnet but there isn't much of that floating around in your oil.
    No harm in using a magnet though (you have one on the drain plug!).
    Dennis Moore

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    Dennis, How are you make'n out on your article on the Ford transplant???

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    I recently read an article in HB about this product, looked it up on the web and it looks interesting. Anyone have an opinion?Hell, they want $169.00 for one that fits the filter on my Powerstroke! These guys are crazy.

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