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Thread: New Drag Boat Hull

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    Headed up to Arkansas this weekend to pick up the new drag boat hull. Will post pictures when I get it back.

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    What are you getting... A Cheyenne from Ervin?

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    Good deal!

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    What are you getting... A Cheyenne from Ervin?
    do you know Ervin ? ? ?

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    do you know Ervin ? ? ?
    Nope DD ... Just know that he is the Man that builds the boat.

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    Just got the other Cheyenne off the dolly trailer back on the road trailer and got the dolly trailer loaded up in the big trailer. I had never carried this dolly trailer in my enclosed and had to rework the tongue so that the left picklefork wouldn't hit the side cabinets at the front of the trailer. I've known Ervin since the early/mid 80's. Met him when I put together the first TX-19 that I ever rigged.

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    Good luck Garry, and have a safe trip.

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    what kind of layup do these chyannes have anyway gary?

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    Ken F
    Saw your boat a couple of weeks ago- you are going to be a happy camper, and I can tell you that you will be more impressed each tiime you are in it.
    Travel safe, and say hello to Erv!
    Ken F

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