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Thread: BOAT SHOW Sat. 2/4---------->

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    STill trying to figure out if we are going. Anyone else gonna be there????

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    Im still trying to figure out why you bailed on the last one.... :crossx:

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    Stop by the Cobra booth and say hi. Snakewrench, Throttle and I will be there!

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    One thing you can be sure of is there won't be anyone there on Sunday

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    Mrs. Havaduner, Charmer and The defiants are going to be there too. Come by and say hey.

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    I'll be there.

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    My wife and I will be there saturday morning

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    I will be there on Sat. then off to the Suppercross races in Anaheim

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    We will be there! Also, I hear that Aaron and Cheryl and Brian and Heidi from Absolute will be there!

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    Im still trying to figure out why you bailed on the last one.... :crossx:
    Just wasn't feelin' it. Plus the Mrs. was sick too. :220v:

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