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Thread: Super Stock For Sale

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    Due to circumstances beyond our control the 707 boat is for sale. It is one of the fastest boats in the series and we asking a reasonable price for boat and dolly trailer complete and running and ready to race. You can go to super stock racing and click on teams then 707 for photos or e-mail or try

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    [ September 23, 2003, 08:20 PM: Message edited by: BigBoyToys ]

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    A few more pics and just checking out to make sure the bottom looks ok on it eek! wink

    Looks GREAT to me! That is a BAD A$$ boat! How much $$ for it?
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    Yeah, what's the asking price for Johnney's rig.

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    Again, Price? Or are we taking offers? I could use another engine here....

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    OK, I just got emailed with a price (kinda early in the mornin' ain't it? J/K)
    Price is $12k complete, or $7k less engine

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    If I am not mistaken that is the boat that "World Famous" Paul Whittington drove, & it was the "ZIP boat Gordy drove before that. Rippen boat for the cash.

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    What kind of damage was done to the boat when it flipped?? Also, has this boat been in any other crashes that you failed to bring up?

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    Well, I do need a new SS engine, but $12k for the engine would be a tad steep for me, and the $7k minus engine wouldn't do me a bit of good.

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