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Thread: Schiada Flat back up for sale

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    Well, i moved for my new job and no longer come back to pittsburgh as much as i thought, so i no longer have interest in the boat project.
    Schiada flat 17'10"
    All new purple cavitation plates with a polished piece under the plate pads
    Slot milled Transom plate (purple behind transom blocks)
    billet plate feet and control arm
    New billet handle and separate pedal control with a fabricated pedal that matches the new fabricated purple throtttle and stringer mount. (pedals match)
    New rudder brace tied into transom with new flange bearing and locks
    Prop shaft and running gear still installed (steel)
    Purple battery box
    White fiberglass canyon buckets with new upholstery (white purple piping)
    Motor rails, motor plates 34" forward
    seat brackets
    Complete steering minus steering shaft.
    White leather wheel, billet spokes, 9 bolt setup purple hub, new autometer marine guages with purple bezels, purple switches key bezel etc.
    Various other brand new odds and ends (all of this stuff is in boxes!! NEW
    Basically everythings there but a gearbox, steering shaft and main control rod that runs through the transom block with the eyelevers on it.
    Boat needs paint, Trailer is a tandom axle and is solid and in good shape, ready to be blasted and painted, new wood bunks, new fenders need installed. Tires will make a long haul
    $3800.00 would make a great winter project for someone who has the time. I have receipts for nearly twice what im asking.
    Boat is located in California Pennsylvania about 45 mins outside of Pittsburgh
    PM me, i dont know how to post pics, but i have a few if you can email me at

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    The transom blocks i forgot to mention are new also and the nice billet pieces (purple)

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    Do you know there is a town of Pittsburgh, California? Good luck on the sale. Pic's would be nice.

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    Someone i sold some parts to on ebay told me that haha.
    If anyone wants pics just send me your email address in a pm
    I dont know how to post pics

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    So Sorry to hear about your boat plans. So are you givin up on the warhawk too? Didnt know if you were gettin out all the way..

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    Whats Up Slacker
    I had the warhawk plan finalized for a new tx-19 and was going to call and make it final with jim at warhawk on my way back from an interview in Harrisburg PA (Central PA), well i really wasnt planning on getting the teaching job, but figured i would go for the interview experiance. Needless to say i got the job and instead of calling and telling Warhawk to get started, i called and cancelled. Now im living in an apartment close to 4 hours from home, and i have no storage and i dont get back to my hometown too much so im screwed for another year or so when i can get my experiance here and head back home for a job, then a brand new boat will be possible.
    So i figure ill sell this boat save the money and put it towards a full blown race pump, then when things simmer down, ill eventually get my new boat and ill allready have the pump.
    Take Care

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    Well congrats on the job.. to bad you have to do with out your boat, but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do. Good luck and hope everthing works out for ya, and If you want you can still order the warhawk i will keep it nice and safe for ya down here...LOL.. Try to stay warm up there... Later....CT

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