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Thread: Should I do it?

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    29 Lavey
    I saw this at B&D Marine. It looks awesome!!!
    Need some input from the group. I know nothing about V-drives. Is this a good deal? What questions should I ask?

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    If B&D did the work or maintained this boat i'd say your cool. Brian does a really nice job. In todays market this is a steal at $1000.00 a ft. Super clean looking ride. I'd just get a maintenance record if they have one and ck the hull for any delamanation especially around the engine area. Make sure rudder is tight, same with prop shaft (strut bushing). Ck all the steering real well and make sure v-drive is in good shape (internally). If all ck's out i'd say your a new owner if it's all good.

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    Damn that's a hell of a deal if it all checks out, that's a nice ride!..

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    29 Lavey
    It's Brian boat. He moved into a cat.
    I'm thinking of a second boat and this would do it.
    He says horsepower is around 800 and he has seen 93mph on his GPS.

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    Like Billy and GoFast said, if everything is in good shape, that's a great deal. That's alot of good stuff for the price. That boat looks like it would be a blast.

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    29 Lavey
    I decided I would pass. I need two boats right now like a need a hole in my head.
    Hope someone else picks it up!!! What a awesome ride.

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