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    My volt meter has not been working. I traced the problem to a bad ground/poor connections/spliced wires. I repaired all of this, and at idle the gauge registers 10 volts or so, when I rev her, the voltage drops. Do I need a new alternator, if so, will an automotive unit work safely in a boat with no engine cover?

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    if I need a new alternator, can I get one of the newer "one wire" units?

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    yes you can, as long as you stay out of
    my garage and keep your mits off of my polished one.. v-drive

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    If you have an open compartment, I don't see why you couldn't use an auto unit. If you do opt for a auto unit, the standard Delco unit (#7127 ) can be made into a single wire assy relatively easily. I've got a diagram on how to do it around here somewhere. If you want it, let me know and I'll try to scan it.

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    that Idea works really well. I did it to an old studebaker when the regulater went south. I also
    have that diagram. I think It came out of hotline news. v-drive

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    I use an auto alternator as long as you keep it away from the water you should have no problem. And I also have a open engine.

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