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Thread: Dyno 2000

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    Anyone have Desktop Dyno 2000?

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    I use it for comparison purposes when choosing parts. What did you need to know about it? There have been a few threads on the subject in case you want to search or I can't answer your question.

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    beached 1
    I have it. It's good for getting an idea of what yoou may be running with your setup.

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    I use it for basic stuff, it's a pretty good deal, but for the serious stuff, I use "Engine Analizer", it want's everything but your underwear size!.. eek!

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    Ive got it also.Its fun to build up motors that you know will never make it in your boat!!!!Just dream about them....

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    GofastRacer, I sent you a PM

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    Got it, right back at ya!.. wink

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