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Thread: 496HO Exhaust/ Engine upgrades?

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    I have a 2005 496HO with 50 hrs. on it. Looking to find out if anyone has done exhaust only mods and what kind of first hand results? Speed, hole shot, mid range, etc. and what brand of headers.
    Also any other mods other than Pro Charger or Whipple. I've been told because of it being an "05", it is not recommended for that engine because of internal components having been changed with weaker internal parts compared to all the other years.
    Looking for more response in hole and midrange but not to concerened about top end speed.

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    Several good threads here. This is the stuff I came on here for. Same motor, always looking for more efficient stuff.
    Just do a search on 496 or 496HO. Here is a good one to start:
    I know you already have a mag, but this is good info for either motor.

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    By the way, if you pickup the latest Family&Performance Boating mag, there is a spread on the Tyler Crockett dyno test of the new CMI headers on a 496HO. Almost 60 HP and I think around the same on TQ. Nice gains, but for $3600? I don't know.
    I would sure like to see a test with the $1800 Lightnings.
    Most of us have already pulled out our turbulators. Do a search on that, a few really good threads.

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