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Thread: Merc 350 mod's

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    Hey all, I am looking into purchasing a boat with a mercruiser 350. It needs manifolds, and my question is... does anyone have any used sbc hi-perf manifolds. Also if noone does, would there be any performance gains by going with a set of Eddie Marine's? I have also run across a stroker 383 motor. Has anyone had any experience with these in the marine environment?
    Thanks alot!!!

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    Sand Dawg
    I've had the same question's on the same 350 Mag ....anyone?????

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    I am running a 383 sbc in my boat...... works real good

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    Do a search for edelbrock carb and intake upgrade and you will see my 350 merc we did havent run it yet so I dont have any numbers but it looks clean.

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