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Thread: So who is SLOW at work this week..

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    It is dead as hell here...

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    Do F150's Float?
    ME ME ME!'s been a slow month...or two...

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    Mrs. Bordsmnj
    Not me, I am swamped. But I do payroll and H/R so I am always swamped. But I am pretty sure the company itself is super busy right now too. :rollside:

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    Cole Trickle
    Insurance industry is always slow in December

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    H20 Toie
    We are slow this week and way to busy next week and all of Jan.

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    a catered life
    thanks for the flu and holidays lotsa kids absent around here

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    NOTALENT are slow as well as engie sales... come january the words of John Madden BOOM!!! :rollside:

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    I AM BORED!! Don't want to be here!

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    just woke up,all the laundry is done,floors are clean,,now what?

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    just woke up,all the laundry is done,floors are clean,,now what?
    Come to my place and do mine.... :boxed:

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