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    Mrs P
    Here's the deal, I talked to Her454 and Hud, it appears that both are taking a leave this year. I've checked out ***boat and don't see a potluck thread so I'm starting one here (Banderlog) and will copy it to ***boat. I have a tri-tip barrel (with charcoal) like Traci's, 2 EZups, two burner freestanding propane stove, and a 6' table that we've brought out the last 3 years. I think the potluck is great myself and I like the idea of having food when everyone is enjoying a few beverages I'm thinking that besides the food and some help setting up that we could use 2 or 3 more tables, a couple more EZups, and paper goods. There'll be a marked ice chest where we're set up to drop off the tri-tips when you get there, we'll start cooking about 10. Let's bring in the New Year with a dynamite potluck, old friends, new friends and best of all boats. Lots and lots of boats.
    I'll start the list:
    1. PUMPkins-tri-tip, Ziti, and Laid Back Mary's
    2.TEAMGREEN-HOTLINKS and BROWNIES.You bring the luck
    3. Blwdlfn-Garlic bread and some papergoods
    4. Billet Racing-two tables, two canopies, a camp stove and a huge pot of chili.
    5. Waterwitch-yummy potatoes, ezup, and something else to eat
    6. DeltaRat-Keg of Beer and 2 tri tips
    7. DaveO-soda and papergoods, plates,paper towels, and some utensils plastic type
    8. Oldsmoboats-tri tip and potato salad
    9. Cliff-tri-tip
    10. Moose's-Chips and Dips, Potato Salad and Some Soda and Hot Chocolate
    11. Katchenup-chili
    12. Fleetimus-sodas, bowls and plasticware
    13. CharityCase-couple tables E-Z Ups etc & some sort of food dish(don't know what yet).
    Glad to see we got the potluck going on. Thanks for the additions, Merry Christmas everyone

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    Mrs P
    Just a little history on the potluck in case you're wondering about me posting up here. Traci headed up the MotheLode ***boat Potluck and I organized the Banderlog potluck 3 years. We met and were instant friends (I shared my Laid Back Mary's with her) so we combined the potlucks the last two years. Maybe I have this thread posted in the wrong spot, if so please let me know where it should be???
    Thanks to WaterWitch, DeltaRat, and DaveO for posting up. It's going to be another good time at CFW! Hell, with boats,a keg, and Laid Back Mary's how could it not be.

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    Mrs P
    Isn't there any jets coming to CFW??

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    Yep there will be some jets there

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    Not 2 Shabby
    Yes, There will be plenty of jets there -- Alot of local from the immediate area including us. We will be bringing our 86 Apache bubble deck "Not 2 Shabby" She a squirt boat. Hope to see everyone out there .

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