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Thread: Off To The Boatshow

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    well its off to the boatshow i go. long drive from yucca valley, but im sure well worth it. see ya there.... :crossx:

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    Miss Managed Assets
    See you later. Were off to the LA too!!!

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    Ah hell I guess Ill go to but My check book is staying home this time. :cry:

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    we are outtta here in about 10 min. See ya there!

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    leaving in about 15 min.. this will be my first trip ever to the boat show. :skull:

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    Not going. Won't see you there. Like you'll see this message anyway. :rollside:

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    Senior Member
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    Feb 2009
    See you later. Were off to the LA Zoo!!!

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    Damn Jerry with your Treo phone. You posted after 11, when you were on the road almost there. Went to the show today, hung out with 78, Miss Managed Assets, and Hallet Dave. For the first time, met SHIFTY and his girl, Eliminated Sprinter and CommanderJoe. Also ran in to Shadow's Bro. Cant wait til he gets his new living room for the Naci Bash. Great seeing everyone. Had a good time. Also got to rap with Ed from Eddie Marine. Glad I am doing business with him.

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    Miss Managed Assets
    Hey Brooski, we just got home. Nice hangin with ya today. Jer got his $$ back. And when you getting your black lab!!! Love you man, talk to you soon!!

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    He got his money back? That is so cool. Shows that sometimes complaining about things works. :rollside:

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