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Thread: E Pump Unloading

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    I have a friend with an E pump that is unloading at 71mph. A couple people in the boat and it is fine, if he goes solo, less weight, the rpms go way up on top end. I'm thinking he needs a loader with a little more bite. Anyone got some input on this ?

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    i'm thinking you are thinking right. The E & F pumps (I run an F in my Taylor) have a shorter and steeper suction housing and the pressure difference from impeller top to bottom rears it's head sooner than the longer pumps. If the perssure to the top of the impeller drops low enough, cavitation happens.
    Dad ran my Taylor back when new to 72 on Nitrous back in '79 after DuaneHTP put the nitrous on, tuned the pump, and modified the rock grate to a sorta-loader. We had no hi-sped cavitation problems.
    I'm now running a pro-loader I bought from him last spring. Due to the scarred up hull, I was only running 64 or so this past fall, w/o the fun-gas and still breaking in the rebuilt engine so I can't say much about it otherwise. $180 or so, new, larger bolts/screws included, I'd buy one.

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    Duane at HTP also sells a bolt on shoe for that pump which will help.

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    Duane at HTP also sells a bolt on shoe for that pump which will help.
    this is what fixed my 12je from unloading. i couldn't hit 75mph before i bought the hi-tech shoe and ride plate kit and after installing it i'm in the low 80's the kit from duane at hi-tech performance and get a ss loader.the combo will cure your cavatation probs.

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    Thanks for the info, will pass it along.

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