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Thread: You guys will never guess what Carlos did

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    "Bad to the bone"

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    you are focken kiddin me!!!
    As if the 40'er wasn't bad enough?

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    "Bad to the bone"
    Where is the pic. of me driving it.

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    Washed Ashore
    Thats one of my favorite boats,I almost bought one.Dave @DCB made me a deal I couldn't refuse.I told the guys at E ticket I wanted to paint the boat like the drambui(sp?) on ice,when I didn't buy one,they used my idea.The boat turned out like I knew it would,BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

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    a catered life
    "Bad to the bone"
    very nice congrats

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    Lookin so good.............Congradulations on your new ride that is one BAMOFO

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    Is the 22’ Sport Cat up for sale now Carlos?

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    Just got a call from Carlos " 154MPH " :2purples:

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    How long is that thing?

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    Just got a call from Carlos " 154MPH " :2purples:
    Just heard the same!!!!!!

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