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Thread: Just another day......

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    Ahhhh, lucky buggers. I'm still freezing my kiester off in Iowa! Heading to Houston tomorrow morning though.

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    It must be nice. We are boatless until April 6th and we get our house back from the snowbirds on April 1st. Soon, soon, soon.

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    looks like another terrible day at the lake

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    If it only looked like that on Memorial !!

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    Wow, nice pics!
    Wish we were there.........

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    Looks like a nice day. Did anybody take their boat out of the channel
    There's a lake outside the channel?
    Actually, I tried out a Bravo 1 that I had pitched up from a 24 to a 25, and more cup added. Worked great, everything was going good, until I turned my head to see behind the boat, and my sunglasses went flying off.
    Oh well, I had those for a while anyway......

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    Hardly Satisfied
    Nice pics,nice weather :rollside:

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    thanks for the pics Rick
    Dan <-----jealous

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    Nice Pictures......i think I see my boat in the channel
    it was very nice to meet you yesterday Rick! You took off to early, should have come up to the house last night and watched the UFC

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