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Thread: Damn Mexicans!!

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    Sotally Tober
    Make some good food!!!! I miss it so much since moving north. No Alberto's up here. Only inbred honky mex. food. Any one want to mail me a carne asada burrito? I love Fidel's in Del Mar. There was one down in Portland. Changed hands. Was worth the drive. Have to wait until my next rip to So. Cal.

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    You should try the place that we have here in Page now... Absolutely fantastic. Margaritas served in glasses the size of fish bowls and food that is absolutely fantastic. The place ran 2 other places out of business in the first 6 months they were open.. It's called Fiesta Mexicana...

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    Sotally Tober
    I do eat there every time I am down there. Good food. It does seem that your mex restaurants have come and gone in Page. Fiesta has been there for about 3 years now. They blow the doors off of Zapata's!!!

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    Boy Named Sue
    Here in NorCal there is nothing like a La Costa burrito. The original gut bomb. Their salsa is dynamite too.

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    Sotally Tober
    I miss the fish tacos also. Rubio's is pretty good.

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    :cry: Sorry gabacho only real mexi in so cal...ok maybe Texas also

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    Sotally Tober
    You bastard. You just had to do that. I'm drooling all over my keyboard now!

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    jimboys is pretty good......

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    Boy Named Sue
    El Tarasco in Manhattan Beach. There is always a line out the door and you can bring your own beer and eat on the roof. Good times.

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