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Thread: Havsu Garage Update (4 more weeks)

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    As of today the garage is all wrapped. Next weekhe will install drywall, and brown coat the outside. You can see the side garage door which is 10x10 along the side.
    The concrete work will be last thng and expensive (2900 sq. ft.)

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    Looks good .. i thought it looked farther than that yesterday!!looked for you ,didnt see ya!

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    It's looking real good.

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    Hardly Satisfied
    Looks great :boxed:

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    I will update the pics as soon as I get a couple more. I am trying to make sure I cover all the details before it is closed up.
    I was talking to my builder and he was showing me a 10,000 square foot house he is building. Talk about crazy details!!! It is a monster with everything in in not normal. He said it will take at least 16 months to build it. I think the guy needs re think 10,000 square feet.

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