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Thread: Roller Rockers

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    I have my 383 chevy tore down it has a roller cam with roller lifters would it help any to install roller rockers if yes what is the best ratio for the small block 1:50 : 1 is stock

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    Depends on your cam. 1.6's won't do much, but they can help, depending on the camshaft and heads.
    I personnally reccomend getting stainless over aluminum, as I have never seen a stainless rocker break. Seen plenty of aluminum ones break as they age. yeah, they are heaver, but boat motors typically don't see high RPM's

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    don`t forget about valve/piston clearence. got plenty?

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    should be good but will check with clay when assemblying ordered custom je blower pistons with valve reliefs we decked the block and cc the heads so all cyclinders would be equal

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