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Thread: "Mean Streak"

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    Anybody know what is going on with "Mean Streak", the Cole TR-4 that was sold last year. I know wilderthanyou bought the trailer but have not seen or heard any plans with the boat. Just curious. Also, there is a guy out of Pleasonton,CA who is advertising a TR-2 for sale but he is not returning calls..anybody know this guy? Boat still for sale? I have been looking for a runnerbottom , preferably a Cole or Canyon, for a while now but have not had much luck.

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    If you are looking for a "new Cole TR2" Pete Giroux has one (or as many as you want) for sale. 2005 all white with fill seam/gel cap, clear ash stringers and floors (flow coated), carbon fiber keel, two bucket seats. The hull sits on a new Ellis trailer, and is looking for a new home. Give Pete a call at (818) 203-8695

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    another Cole TR4 it home today, this one is FOR SALE....medium lay up, all white, parkay floors not a hole drilled yet...8,500 try to get pictures next day or so. looks the same as the last one built, same lay up schedule just different floors. It will be at irvine for the boat show!!!
    Look at this one
    1977 Kurtis 500 runner bottom, Casale v-drive, 468 Chevy with a steel crank, H-beam rods , JE pistons, Isky cam, roller rockers and girdles all balanced,Vertex magneto, Wiend high rise manifold,dual 750 holley double pumpers,have all reciepts for engine build, and built ready for blower set up. Very fast as is 100+ mph, ran for one season , maybe , 5 hours on engine and v-drive rebuilds. X blown gas flat #410.Sits on 1973 Ellis trailer with new wheels and tires.Original race paint job.Must see excellant condition.9000.00 obo
    I like this one to I think you can get more info at

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    I'm still working on it. Going to be a 500" blown injected deal. It will be at the Camp Far West vacation.

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    Hey, thanks for the reply "Mean Streak". I was just curious. That is a beautiful boat. I hope to see it at camp far west.

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    I'm still working on it. Going to be a 500" blown injected deal. It will be at the Camp Far West vacation.
    is it going to be on GAS or ALKY mean streak

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    Hey shane, I don't know if you know who I am, but im the guy that hangs around your pit and used to crew on the SE Deaver hydro HOT & BOTHERED. We used to race with your dad back in the day. I sold all my alky stuff to come give you guy's so more compition in bgf class. But if you guy's go to alky, I can alway's buy it back. Mike

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    ya we ended up switching to alky...hurt to many parts this year...were going to run the 8 second that boat ready to go....are going to have todd help you out this year?

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    can i watch i am a very good spectator.

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    billy are racing this year or what...whats the deal?? :rollside:

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