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Thread: Fire Anaheim Hills

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    LeE ss13
    Any ***boaters near that fire in OC? The Southern skies from San Dimas are filled with smoke. Is some of that fire burning near Irvine Lake?

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    I have to cruise down to the OC, from Corona in about 1 hour. I am sure traffic is going to be a mess, I can see the smoke from here. I heard the fire is actually in the city of Corona and the 241 is closed, I am guessing it is off the 241.

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    Tom, hopefully you are in the clear. The weather is definately not helping the fire along.
    Where is your office? I am off the 15/91.

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    It's still up higher in the hills, although I look out the window and there's a light "snow" from the ash. The wind is definitely blowing it staright thru the canyon. I don't need a burning ash hitting something dry.....

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    anyone know if Byron Ranch or Irvine Park are on fire?
    I had to close the doors here. Ash was coming in.

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    The OCFA has set up their command post there...

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    I know of a certain V-driver who was ordered to leave his home in Anaheim Hills, so he only took two things, his 56 Chevy and the Cole flattie. Some priorities he has!

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    ya that was plasticman..hope this deal can settle down!!!

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    My friend lives in the houses across from Irvine Park. He said he can look out his front yard and see the flames, but they seem to be on the Irvine Lake side of the 241.

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    My girlfriend teaches school in Anaheim Hills, they got evacuated this morning and closed the school for tomorrow.
    The smoke was pretty thick looking from the beach. I think its still burning?
    I hope everyones homes are ok.

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