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Thread: Anthem debacle

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    I almost wished Rosanne Barr was there instead........
    That was terrible.

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    Zig, you are a mind reader - I had said the same thing when the anthem started yesterday. How disgraceful!
    I can appreciate artistic rendering, but come on, this is a song that deserves to be done with respect first, rendering should be at the tail end of priorities!
    Betcha they wont "render" it at the olympics!

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    I was in shock, thought I was seeing the American Idol out-takes.....
    btw Ted, check your pm's

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    aaron neville is actually a really good singer..
    i dont know why he chose to sing it the way he did :yuk:

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    I missed it :yuk:

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    comin' unscrewed
    Yeah that stunk, but I'd have to say the Stones were right on par with it. They sounded like a cheesy garage band. I expected much better.

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    Betcha they wont "render" it at the olympics!
    They will play it as an anthem... not a ballad that most of the artists that sing it today think it should be.
    I love the national anthem, but if I have to listen to Leanne Rimes redintion again... she's got the range and the pipes to pull it off, but please speed it up.
    I wish 'Refa would have just sang it a-capella... that would have been worth listening to.

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    These anthem "treatments" really do suck! When a singer does some goofball treatment of the anthem the message I get from the singer is, "Hey, forget the anthem, LOOK AT ME!!! FORGET THE ANTHEM, PAY ATTENTION TO MY WONDERFUL SINGING TALENT!!" (attention whores, in other words)
    The anthem is OUR song (as in Americans) and singers should treat it as belonging to all of us (as opposed to just them, the singers). It isn't their song to screw around with, they're just temporary caretakers of the song. If they want to do screwy treatments to their own songs or cover songs more power to them. However, when they're given the honor of singing the anthem for practically the entire country it's neither the time nor place to go mucking around with it.

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