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Thread: Looking for a Flat bottom

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    Tunnel 23
    Want to buy a nice flat with a bbc.Need a heavy lay up that can handle some choppy water at times. Live in Nor Cal,but will travel for the right boat. Thanks......... :crossx:

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    $8500.00 less Motor.... This is a Nice boat.. And it's in NorCal..

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    You can also try

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    Cole Man II
    I think its time that you and Jeff get a flat. Its time to round out the stable.
    Cole Man.

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    And we can deliever it over New Years!

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    I think I'd look at Class Bully for 6000 bucks..
    It can surely handle some decent water I would think?

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    whats heavy layup mean

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    Heavy boat. Thicker most everywhere.

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    Cole Man II
    Heavy lay-ups are usually more desirable for lake use versus a light lay-up or (Potato Chip Boat) usally only used in drag racing.
    Hay Fiat48,
    How have you been? Will you be coming over the hill on new years with Morgy?
    Cole Man.

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