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Thread: Christmas shopping.....who is done???

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    Mrs. Bordsmnj
    Not me! :cry: But I am not going to stress about it.

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    Me.....just called apple this AM to change a shipping address, so all done and all delivered except for 1 gift.

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    I am done! Thank God! I swear everything is getting ordered from the internet next year.

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    Do F150's Float?
    Not me! :cry: But I am not going to stress about it.
    I am! Your present should be here tomorrow...that & a bottle of sailor jerry for a secret santa i'm done!!!!! No christmas kinda rocks, LOL...

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    I am done with the exception of my kids' teachers gifts and hubby's aunt's gift

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    Oh and a gift card for my step mom

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    im thinkin i'll start on friday.....

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    Not done.
    When I went last weekend. I didn't get much done.
    I started at On The Boarder for a couple of Sierra Nevadas and a shot of Tequilla.
    Then I headed across the street to Chillies Bar and Grill to watch football.
    After slamming down a couple their I decided to go to Black Angus around the corner for a stiff Vodka grape.
    Then I figured I better do some shopping. Didn't get much done.
    Christmas shopping at it's best.

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    I might get started tonight or tomorrow..........Done , ha, what a laugher

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    Everyone in my family (read: wife) is such a snoop, that this year I decided to forego the gifts under the home tree and order everything via phone or web. I had everything gift wrapped and shipped directly to the in-laws (where we'll be this weekend anyway), so I saved room in the truck for the 250-mile trip down, plus the nightly "Is it a new watch? Is it a new robe? Is it a new pair of heels? Can I just open it now?"
    Plus, I finished up about ten days ago, which has freed up the evenings and weekends to get some stuff done around the house while she's out shopping her sweet behind off...
    Hope this proves a good strategy. I go crazy at the stores ANY time of year...and it sounds like we consumers are going about 6% more bananas buying gifts this year than in 2004.

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