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Thread: OLD MERC 135hp

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    I've got a 1971 135hp merc, inline six. Hasn't been run since 1984. Complete, control box and all. Need to get rid of it. Ran fine 20 odd years ago. Would let it go for near song and dance. Anybody got a clue what I might be able to get $ for this motor?

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    If it runs good maybe 500( probly like 350 ish) If it needs "work" only about 100

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    Red Horse
    I have some experience with this motor. Called the Tower of Power. Real good motor except for a few things. The power module (thing with all the wires coming out of it) will cost you about 900+. They go bad from time to time. The dist wires and cap are one pieces and go for about 450. Once you get it running, that thing will fly. I had one on a 15 foot Bowie that damn near went 80. Was a scary ride. But then all those things went wrong.

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    sorry dog
    I heard that if you use 100 octane and mix 16 to 1, an inline 6 will last forever.

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    You might want to PM BillyB here on the forums, he has a coupla old mercs, he may want another one.

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    Tom Brown
    I heard that if you use 100 octane and mix 16 to 1, an inline 6 will last forever.

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