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Thread: Hells Angels win county lawsuit..

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    al cole'holic
    Hells Angels Win $990,000 Judgment
    They Sued After Police Killed Three Guard Dogs in Raid
    SAN JOSE, Calif. (Feb. 7) - Santa Clara County will pay nearly $1 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club after police shot and killed three guard dogs during raids of the group's headquarters and suspected members' homes.
    The county Board of Supervisors approved the $990,000 settlement in a closed session Monday. The decision came two months after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the county's arguments that sheriff's deputies should be immune from liability in the case.
    The San Jose Police Department also was named in the suit because its officers shot the dogs, but the city hasn't worked out an agreement with club members. City Attorney Rick Doyle said the case may go to trial.
    Lower court judges ruled that actions of the deputies and San Jose police officers during the January 1998 were unreasonable, most of the evidence obtained was unnecessary and the officers did nothing to avoid killing the animals. A lawyer for club members says a lot of property was destroyed in the raids and some evidence was kept for more than a year.
    Ninety officers raided the club's San Jose headquarters and nine homes of suspected members to gather evidence against suspected member Steve Tausan who was being held on murder charges in connection with an August 1997 killing at a strip club.
    Tausan was acquitted of all counts in 1999 after arguing the killing was in self-defense.
    The settlement with the county includes $530,000 in attorney's fees and $460,000 to be divided among 15 people including eight current or former Hells Angels members, six spouses or significant others and one friend of a member.
    Officers from Santa Clara and Gilroy also were involved in the raids, and those cities settled their cases several years ago for a total of less than $50,000, the plaintiffs' lawyer said.
    02/07/06 10:20 EST

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    $990,000.00 should buy a lot of "cook your own meth'" kits! :idea:

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    Support your local Red and White.

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    if you knew the whole story you would think different.

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    al cole'holic
    It's a sad day when we applaud a civil settlement in favor of a bunch of
    criminals who got their "guard dogs" killed. If you were, in fact, applauding.
    Support your local SFV :crossx:

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    al cole'holic
    ...just posting a story that popped up :boxed:

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    al cole'holic
    Being in the "industry", I guess you have to support them.
    Not when a pack of Mongols walk by... :jawdrop:

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    Not when a pack of Mongols walk by... :jawdrop:
    OK, that was fockin' funny!

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    al cole'holic
    Aren't motorcycle shops considered geographically neutral, like a church?
    ...hey, AMEN brother

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    Biker It Idea.but All The Drugs And Crime Kinda Kill It..not Much Different Than The Bloods Or Crips..just My 2cents...

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