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Thread: RPM's???

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    I need your opinion on my boat. My 2000, two step, Daytona 25 w/ 502mpi and Bravo 1, 26p prop turns 4500 rpm @ 70mph. Seems a little low on the rpm side. What do you think? AM I getting all I can out of this stock setup? What can do to get a little more out of her? Love the boat, rides great in rough or smooth. I just need a little more speed (don't we all!!!)
    Any responses are appreciated.

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    Oh yea, the Bravo 1 is a 1.50 ratio.

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    Hey RickerTX,
    Sounds like you are a little low on the RPM scale for the 502 Mag. I am running the same setup on a 25' Eagle and running mid 70's @4900rpm. Ideally you should be running near 5000 as the rev limiter will take over at 5050. I would suggest a slightly smaller pitch prop but your setup/weight should be turning that motor higher than you are. Sounds like possibly a tuning problem? I am running a 25P Hydromotive four-blade cleaver.

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    Thanks for the reply Dave! I was told the boat would run mid 70's, but I have yet to it. By tuning, what exactly do you mean? I am also thinking about having the 26p worked on.

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    I would check some of the little things. Check spark plugs and gaps. What weight oil do you run? Synthetic lower unit oil or conventional oil? Flame arrestor clean and free of debris? Have you tried different fuel? It sounds like your boat is running, but just not quite as well as it should. Again, we need to compare apples to apples but my 502MPI running synthetic mix of 15W-50 and 10W-30 (Mobil 1) with synthetic lower unit lube runs right at 74MPH @ 4900 RPMat 800-1200ft. above sea level (IL/WI) with a 25P four-blade. It could be your x-dimension of your drive height also....are you running a 3 blade or 4 blade? Also, just out of curiosity, what does your thermostat read?
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