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Thread: Run what you brung 06...

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    Is it going to happen this year??
    whats the scoop?

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    Mrs. Bordsmnj
    I vaguely remember the topic coming up at Supercross and I forget what the outcome was.
    Hope that helps.

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    I vaguely remember the topic coming up at Supercross and I forget what the outcome was.
    Hope that helps.
    It helps vaguely

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    Would love to make it but we need more beach area.

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    I was thinking about this the other day....usually it's at Elsinore...knowing that they probably won't turn the aggitators on again until maybe June, that will leave Elsinore as a 1 foot thick algae, if not there, and with Perris being, with all that, and still wanting to have one this year, thoughts? San Diego?

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    It seemed pretty scarce last year. Nobody really knew what to do and there wasnt much organization, it could have died finally.

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    I think its been pretty scarce do to the weather for the last few years...and the lack of Cranes being cooperative, I think it still needs to happen...its always been sort of a kick off for the new year!!!
    lets maybe think about a new location! I like the Elsinore marina campground. Nice grounds, nice launch ramp!
    any thoughts? weather has been nice so far!!

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    BowTie Rick
    I'll go for sure. I missed last year due to a vacation in Maui. Not too tough of a call... Maui vs. Lake Elsinore, LOL.

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    blender over
    Elsinore water looks real good now that the Fans are back on!!!!
    Was out last week running my boat and 000000000000000 algie.

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    Well... then lets get this thing going!!!!!!!
    lets make a list of whos going!!!

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