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Thread: Havasu House ready for spring break

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    This house will be done early April and has 1500 sq ft garage!!
    Huge doors!
    3 bed
    small office or huge closet
    3 full baths
    You pick tile granite paint toilets sinks cabinets etc etc.
    Lake side of the highway only 2 miles from Windsor
    North side of the bridge
    The lot next door ungraded is going for 249K!
    I will sell this house and enormous garage fully insulated and AIRCONDITIONED with 3! garage doors!! for 520k!!
    Will take Nice boat for partial trade. Up to 100k
    Will mail pics if you like.

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    I hope all you guys calling me are not having a party at my house this weekend! Well if you do bring your own fridge and drywall. The house does not have either yet! lol Thanks for the interest everyone! Hope to meet some of you soon! :boxed:

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