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Thread: Clipper Fans

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    ........only about 6 months till NFL training camps start again

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    Frankly I don't know what I was trying but I had the sneaky feeling you'd check it out.........
    Hoops bores me, baseball gets old after 30 games and Hockey is like a foreign language in this region for us Natives....
    Are the Clipps doing ok?..........ya know they originated as a SanDiego team, that much I remember.

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    WRONG! They originated in Buffalo Used to be called the Bufflo Braves.
    The Clippers have the 5th best record in the NBA and coming on strong....
    Originated in Buff??? I guess you'd know better than me but why do I remember them being in SD and moving to LA? Like I said I'm not a big fan of BB but that tidbit sticks in my mind.

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    OK, I knew I wasn't totally ignorant........makes sense.
    Is this where I say Go Clippers!!!! Rah, rah

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    F THE LAKERS.............Rah, Rah
    How was that? Good yes?
    btw--no regrets on my were right

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    Spring Training starts in 2 weeks...

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    Whats a clipper?

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    A big ass ship...It runs on the lake(rs)
    Big ass ships sink, but the lake remains.

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