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Thread: Lakers vs Rockets, just started

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    Old Texan
    Should be a good one. Rockets on 4 game streak with Yao back. Lakers tired from last night.
    Clipper fans from San Diego should have some Rocket memories further heating the debate, eh? :rollside:

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    It is looking good so far, great first half by the Lakers.

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    It is looking good so far, great first half by the Lakers.
    Not looking good in the 3rd so far.

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    Keep em levelheaded for
    Whats a friggin Laker anyhow?
    A body of water that overtakes everything in sight.

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    Don't look now, the lame ass Rockets just overtook them.
    I don't think I would called them lame right now, they are full strenth except for Sura, and it is a long game.

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    Cook has a nice jump shot, and the reason he has been able to make them, is because Kobe has been double team every game on there road trip. Cook cannot create his own shot, so don't make it seem like he is better than what he is, if he was this consistent, he would play a lot more and not just when starters are injured.

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    Maybe the coach is not using his players properly. The other thing is that maybe Kobe hasn't been giving the ball up at the right times. Just a thought....Didn't PJ take Cook out of the game last night when he was sinking shots all over the place? Why would you do that? No reasonable explanation today.
    I agree with you, I think Phil should have left Cook in there. Maybe Cook got tired, I don't know, we are not on the bench, but I am harley ever going to criticize a man with 9 rings.

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    The Rockets are not a good basketball team. Atlanta is probably playing better ball than the Rockets at this point in time.
    Well, Houston has had more key injuries than Atlanta and Houston has a better record, so I don't know where you are coming from.

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    Things are different for him now. Doesn't have the talent he is used to having. He HAS to change and it may be too late in the game for him to do that. It happens to everybody...sports or other business. He hasn't proven to me that he has made the Lakers a better team with his presense. Now he is kind of cracking a bit...going after the reefs all the time and so forth. It was about time he jumped Brown in the papers today though.
    That's the problem...people think the past guarantees a positive future. No way.
    I don't think the past guarantees anything, but look at the Laker team he has, it is worst than last years, if they had a different coach, I doubt they would even be at 500. I have more confidence in Phil, then I do in Dunleavy.

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    How is this team worse than last year's? Caron Butler for Devon George is a straight up swap in my mind.
    The bench is weaker, and Caron is better than George, Caron could creat his own shot, George can't. Also, we had a better shooter in Atkins, something the Lakers need real bad this season. The Lakers also didn't get anybody for Jermain Jones, who gave them good outside shooting and a spark of the bench.

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