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    Hi Everybody in Boat Land! Need help i got layed off work due to cut backs. My last job was a service writer for a car dealership but i want to get into a boat shop some where in AZ or CA. I'm in TX. right now but no problem with moving, you can e-me at or call me at 9158610626 thanks to all that can help. David

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    Squirtin Thunder
    I heard that CBR might be highering in the near future.
    If you work as fast as you drive you will be in good shape.

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    Try Wes at Trident Boats (Froggy style on the boards) He is really cool and should be gearing up for a crew for the second mold soon. That is where I woulf work if I could afford to quit my job.

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    wetterwith3 is looking for work can u help?

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    Squirtin Thunder

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    Got it.
    WW3... Check your PM's.

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