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Thread: Spring Start Up

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    1978 Rogers
    Whats the proper technique?
    I have winterizer in the fuel, both tanks topped off, fogging oil sprayed down intake to coat cylinder walls. Do I pump it 3 or 4 times and crank away?

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    We like to remove dist. and prime oil pump so we have oil press. first.Kinda saves on bearings and valve train.

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    For what its worth I pull out all my spark plugs, shoot a healthy squirt of WD-40 in all the cylinders, pull the distributor and stick in a primer. I usually have my son or my wife run the drill(on the primer) and I slowly rotate the engine (2 turns so it's easier to stab the distributor back) by hand at the same time. After that I restab the distributor put the plugs back in hook up the battery, the "driveway water system" hit the electric fuel pump and start it like I normally would. Now it does smoke because of fogging the cylinders last year and the fresh squirt of WD-40. I run it about 20-30mins to get it to temperature so I can check valve lash and verify everythings ready to go.
    It's just what I do on my the lake deal..

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    1978 Rogers
    Thanks for the info guys.

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