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    What do you guys recommend for a cam for a mild blower motor?? I have a 40 over 454, 8.5:1, the lower end will be balanced and i am going to run approximatley 10-12lbs of boost and i have a set of Merlin heads (Grumpy series). It is going in a jet boat> Any input will be helpful. This motor stuff is new to me.

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    The blower will make it idle better than you think,especially if you boost reference the power valves). So I usually go with the Compcams street blower roller, its 255/260 at .050. easy on parts, great power. The original motor in my pro street Nova was a stock rebuilt flat top forged piston 454 (built for a P/U truck), 2 bolt mains,because the customer never picked up the shortblock so I stuffed the rest of it together, 990 heads, 8/71 street BDS, 2 750s and that cam. 3.90 gears, 2500 stall. 9.80s all day long and drove it everywhere for 2 1/2 years, passed smog too! After teardown to upgrade it to a larger cam and porting of the heads, I saw that the main caps were moving around (put studs in there when I added the blower). Built a 4 bolt block with studs to replace it. Stuck it in my 21 Daytona and ran 95 at the same 9 lbs. boost. Very reliable!!! TIMINATOR

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