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    What are your opinions on detailing the bowl? How much is too much and what is not enough? What bowls are the best (i already have a 12jg bowl w/some minor detailing) But should i go crazy and detail everything?

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    Squirtin Thunder
    From what I am hearing the Aggressor 9 vain is the best. A modified "C" is second.

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    flat broke
    Regardless of who's bowl is best, the bowl you have now will be fine for your current combination for a river rod. I highly doubt you're going to see measurable gains from going hog wild on the bowl. If you were bracket racing and had measured times, you might well see something, but I doubt it would be enough to warrant buying a new bowl.
    I don't know anything about Aggressor bowls other than they are the only bowl I have ever seen/heard of blowing a chunk out of. There isn't enough money in our segment of the industry for any mfg to do the kind of quantitative testing to actually PROVE their bowl is better. You'll see statements about effiency increases, etc. But it always comes down to the combination of the entire boat, pump, and powerplant. I will agree with ST that in theory the conveted C is a better bowl than the JG because of the longer vanes, but I think that is only a cost sensible/feasible route to go if you already have a detailed C bowl. As long as you can't drive a Cadillac between the back of your impeller and the face of the bowl, you'll be fine. Save the $$ for gas and beer and enjoy your boat.

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    Save the $$ for gas and beer and enjoy your boat.
    I second that motion!
    Peace Man!

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    Perfect place to ask.
    Is this a G bowl ? Or ? It looks diferent than a known berk split bowl when next to it. The flat machined veins versus tapered casting.

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    Never mind. I see it's the same as G bowl in a "codeblue" auction.
    My other must be an older model.

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